26 July 2010

...And Here's the Redheaded Mother

My hair was starting look more than a bit sad (about 2 inches of brown roots OMG!), and Shoichi was getting rather long about the ears as well, so we made a day of it at Ippei's Hair Room. Here's a picture during the "manicure".

and another.

This is Ippei.

And this is my awesome new hair!



Blogger Joanne said...

Wow! The new color is abfab! "Once out of nature I shall never take my bodily form from any natural thing..." W.B. would surely approve.
BTW, who does Ippei's hair? It's lookin' good.
And no pix of Sho-chan? Did he just get a trim?

27 July, 2010 22:22  
Anonymous John said...

Hey Becki, just checking in to see how you're doing. I really like the pink hair, it suits you a lot!

16 August, 2010 20:02  

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