08 February 2011

It's Official!

Baby Kanou #2 is on the way with a tentative due date in late September!

And how's this for coincidence? Before our Monday appointment with Dr. Ida, we ran into Akane (the girl who had her baby Rui a few hours before Rin and who I shared a room with) at the hospital, also waiting for Dr. Ida and her due date is about a week before mine! Who knows, if one is late and the other early we may end up as maternity ward roomies again! Freaky!



Blogger Joanne said...

I have forgotten - what was the sex of Akane's baby? With Jan 1 as your C Date, it must be pretty easy to figure how far along you are at any time!

18 February, 2011 23:39  
Blogger Becki said...

She had a little boy, called Rui.

19 February, 2011 06:49  
Blogger Justin Stressman said...

You've been awful quiet for awhile... (I know you're fine since you've been posting in FB... but still..) ;)

28 April, 2011 01:41  

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