26 August 2011

One Small Change

We've been discussing the name a little more and checking it out from all angles and we decided to tweak it just a little bit. There's something in Japan called 姓名判断 (seimei handan) which is a kind of numerology based on the number of strokes in the kanji for the name, and the balance between the different characters. Apparently Suzune is badly balanced and therefore "unlucky", so we looked for another similar name with a luckier number of strokes. (NB I don't believe this stuff, but when in Rome...). We'd already been calling her Suzu-chan for quite some time, so we stuck with that, but we changed the 音 (ne-sound) to 奈 (na-a kind of tree).
So at 36 weeks and counting the new official name is Suzuna (鈴奈) bell-tree.

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Blogger Joanne said...

Just curious - is the luckiness/unluckiness a stable thing or is it somehow tied to the calendar? And how did you find out that the original name was "unlucky"?

03 September, 2011 01:32  
Blogger Becki said...

It has to do with the number of strokes in each character and how they relate to the number of strokes in the other characters. It isn't tied to the calendar.

There are lots of sites where you can check it out. Unfortunately the only wikipedia article available is in Japanese.

03 September, 2011 10:20  
Blogger Becki said...


03 September, 2011 10:23  
Blogger Meyem said...

Becki...I know it's sooo none of my business, but I really thought Suzune was such a powerful name...
Would adding 子 not be another solution?
Sound of a Bell...
that would be a name to be so proud of, such a beautiful gift...^_^

21 September, 2011 16:13  
Blogger Meyem said...

Meyem = Marian = katafei....

21 September, 2011 16:14  

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