26 November 2005

L'omelette La Plus Délicieuse Du Monde

As you may have guessed from the title of this post I just made the best omelet ever! Here is the recipe:

2 eggs
A splash of goat's milk
A dash of Chinese Fire Oil (辣油) (Or plain sesame oil if you prefer)
The cheese of your choice (I actually used crappy cheese, but it was fantastic even so!...Probably better with Gruyere though)

Add the cheese to the eggs before cooking to make sure it gets nice and gooey, then fry up the whole thing in the usual omelet frying way. I usually add a little salt to the butter before I put the eggs in the pan, but that's up to you. I think the goat's milk is the real key though.

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24 November 2005

The Leetle Gray Cells

Sorry to the folks back home for not posting anything interesting for a while. I've been out and about a lot recently (more on that later), and I've been caught up in the sumo tournament, and in redecorating the apartment now that one of my rommates had moved out, and in watching way more Poirot than is good for me.

I'll try to get some more reviews up soon, but I do have one tidbit of news for everyone today. After taking almost two years of French classes in Level 5, I've finally moved up to Level 4! Yeah! I got the level-up slip Tuesday after my lessons (a bit of a shock) and it just so happened that Christophe had a free lesson right after mine so I was able to do the CAT right away. I was so nervous; now I know how the student sfeel when they have to go in for a CAT, and I knew what was coming. Anyway I passed! Chistophe said that my grammar was atrocious, but that my communicative ability, fluency and listening made up for it. Yee-ha! (I thought I was never going to level up, but I guess the leetle gray cells were working after all.)

Goog Morninger and Happy Thanksgivinger to all!