12 August 2006

Blog Contest #2

I was over at Yakko hanging out and playing Mah Jong the other night when Non-chan offered me a piece of chocolate. It was a pretty standard crispy-style of chocolate, kind of like a Japanese Nestle Crunch, but I almost died when I saw the box.

Chest Crunch Chocolate...

Engrish Rocks! Fuuu---

So here's the contest, work your evil little brains and see what kind of chocolately double-entendrey goodness you can come up with for a slogan for Chest Chocolate.

Goog Morninger!

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09 August 2006

Survey says...

The correct answer is 'D'.

Pineapples grow on a stem like a flower surrounded by, as Luke so aptly described it, 'a platter of leaves'. I had always imagined that they grew on a tree like apples or oranges, but apparently not. Well, you learn something new every day.

More Okinawa pictures to come, although I definately will NOT be posting any Speedo pics, thank you very much.

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