22 July 2009

TV Time, Blue Kit Kat & Tuna Eyeballs

I've been meaning to update more frequently, but Rin is quite the little handful. In fact, He's sitting on my lap as I write this, drinking milk to his little heart's content.

Since I'm pretty much housebound on weekdays, apart from my daily walk with Rosie, I've been watching a metric assload of TV.
As anyone who's watched Japanese TV can tell you there are basically 4 kinds of TV shows: news, variety, drama and cooking. I can take or leave the cooking and drama shows, but I'm starting to get hooked on the variety shows, especially the quiz shows or the shows with cute animals.

My three favorites are:

1) Nep-league: a quiz show where every week a new celebrity team battles the hosts,( a comedy trio called Neptune) in a series of general knowledge and kanji quizzes. It's somwehow comforting to see a Japanese person mess up a kanji I know. I get to yell "Ha! Baka! I'm a gaijin and I knew that one!" (Pic is the hosts of the show, Neptune)

2) Hexagon: another celebrity quiz show. The second stage is great because the teams have to answer questions while jumping rope at the same time. ()I should have guessed but a GIS for the jump-rope quiz produced almost nothing but upskirt pics of the various female contestants... (Pic is the final round ladder-quiz)

3) Waratte ii tomo :the classic variety show, hosted by Tamori-san, it has celebrity interviews, silly Double-dare style physical challenges and my favorite corner: Dancing Queen where regulars on the show choose the prettiest of a selection of 3 transsexuals. (Pic is the host of the show, Tamori)

OK, Rin is sqiggling and hiccoughing so the Blue Kit Kats and eyeballs will have to wait 'til next time. Goog Niter

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