18 February 2006

Kishidan (氣志團)

On Monday I went to a Kishidan concert with my (semi-ex) Japanese teacher, Minako. For those of you not 'in the know', Kishidan is just about the coolest band to come out of Japan (or anywhere for that matter). They dress in the style of 1970's bikers & juvenile deliquents; big Elvisy bouffants with a rat-tail in back, and long Gaku-ran (学ラン) school jackets, or Tokkou-fuku (特攻服) embroidered biker jackets.

The great thing is when you go to the concert all of the fans are also dressed as their favorite band member crazy bouffant and all. This is a picture of me with some die-hard fans. The girl (yes, that's a girl) in bouffant is dressed as the lead singer Sho-yan. (my teacher, incidentally, is sitting in-between us.)

There are 6 members in the band and each of them has their own signature color. My favorite is:

Ayanokoji 'Thelonius' Shou (綾小路セロニアス翔) AKA Sho-yan: Lead vocals (red)