09 February 2008

☃ Snow Day!!! ☃

Today we had a nice big snowfall in Sanda and it actually stayed around, so I built a little snow-man and took some snow-pics in our yard! Brrrr.....
☃ Enjoy! ☃

Sho-chan fooling around with Rosie's food-dish

A little stone idol that sits in our yard

My neighbor, Mrs. Konashi who saw me making a snowman and gave me some charcoal to make the eyes!

The finished product

And a close-up
Thanks and a snowy-good day to everyone! Goog afternooner!

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06 February 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Bec just skyped me the most fantastic pictures of Rosie. I can never get her to sit still for a photo, but Bec caught her when she was asleep and the pics are just heart-melting, but see for yourself....

Rosie sleeping on the couch

And a close-up

Thanks Bec!

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