06 March 2010

Sakura Matcha Kit-kat

This Kitkat is my favorite so far; even better than salt. The bar itself is a lovely shade of green, and they've managed to get the balance of chocolate and matcha just right. The wafer has a delicate cherry blossom flavor that is a perfect match for the green tea. This one is definately 10 out of 10!

PS As I was writing this blog I saw a TV commercial for this Kit-kat

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03 March 2010

Happy Girls' Day

Today is Girls' Day in Japan when parents of girls decorate their house with a set of beautiful Hina dolls. They are lovely but unfortunately ridiculously expensive. This set here is about $1,105 and it's not even a full set.

We also eat a kind of sweet cracker called hina-arare and drink sweet sake. (It's for kids so it's not real sake.)

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