22 December 2008

Baby Update

We went to the doctor again this morning and we got to see our first stomach ultra-sound (up until now they'd been sticking a camera in my hoo-ha; sorry TMI!) The baby was much bigger, almost 9 centimeters and we saw it moving its little arms and legs and we saw the line of the spine. It was excellent. It seemed like the baby was very genki, almost dancing around.

The doctor told also us that I'm now in the safety period so I can exercise more and get dental work done (this is a biggie since I somehow chipped a tooth 2 weeks ago and had been waiting for the doctor's OK to visit the dentist.)

Also it's not definite yet, but we saw something that looked like it might be baby balls. The doctor said it looked awfully suspicious, but that it's still too early to tell.

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