02 June 2007

If you need me I'll be PSPing!

I had an awesome birthday this year and one of the awesome things I got was a brand-spankin' new hot-pink PSP! Hells yeah!

Shoichi got it for me so we could play Monster Hunter together, but the truth is I've mostly been playing Final Fantasy Tactics, which was recently re-released for the PSP and is my most favoritest game ever. The graphics are way better than the DS and you can watch movies on it too. I don't think they've released a whole lot of movies yet, but I know you can watch Harry Potter, so there you go!

Goog afternooner!

PS to Mom: I promise I will put up the house pics soon, but it's a little Mendokusai uploading them from my phone by hand.

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01 June 2007

It's official!

After winning his second consecutive Makunouchi tournament, Hakuho has been officially declared Yokozuna No. 69. This promotion comes at the ripe old age of 22, making him the 4th youngest sumo ever to get the title (Asa is 5th by the way, Hakuho beat him by a few months)!

Congratulations Hakuho!

The first photo shows Hakuho practicing the Yokozuna ring-entering ceremony under the guidance of former Yokozuna Asahifuji, and the second accepting the Emperor's cup with his wife Sayoko, their new baby Amiu and his father Munkhbat, a former Mongolian Wrestling champion.

In other news, Balto won the Juryou division tournament for the 2nd time, which means we should be seeing him back in the Makunouchi again next tourney! And he's finally grown himself enough hair to wear a real o-icho and not that stupid little tail he always had.

Congratulations Balto!


29 May 2007

Japanese Bush Warbler

Spring has sprung and summer is fast on its way, which means it's just the right time of year for the Japanese Bush Warbler. I haven't actually seen one yet, but they're famous for their beautiful song: "Ho... Hokekyo..." which we can now hear pretty much constantly. It's really a lovely song, and hopefully I'll see one soon too, as they seem very cute with their jaunty yellow and green feathers.

Listen for yourself
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