15 March 2009

I'm never going to wash my hand again...

because I shook hands with Asashoryu! That's right; the big Yokozuna, sumo's favorite bad boy, the Blue Dragon himself!

Sho-chan, Shiho, Naoko and I went to the opening day of the Osaka Tournament today and we had a great time. After the tournament finished we were buying souvenirs and getting ready to go when we saw a bunch of camera-men running off down a side hallway. We figured something was afoot so we decided to follow them. Then suddenly from around the corner came Asashoryu with a big smile on his face. I was so excited I could've died but I managed to say: "Congratulations on your win today" and put out my hand and he gave me another mega-watt smile and shook it! This is honestly one of the most exciting things that's ever happened to me. Kyaaaaaaaaaaa~!

(He shook Shiho's hand as well, but unfortunately Naoko missed out and had to be satisfied with just brushing his hand a bit.)

Also, here are some sumo butts:

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