16 February 2008

Anaesthesia x 2

This Friday was super busy. We took Rosie to the vet to get fixed, and then I had to go to the dentist to get a cavity drilled in preparation for a filling. We had really long waits at both the vet and the dentist so basically the whole day was gone. I did get some funny pics though. Take a look...

Sho-chan clowning around with Rosie before we went to the vet. She loves to jump up, so when she jumped up on me, Sho-chan hugged her from behind and we got a silly picture.

When I went to the dentist these were the toilet-slippers they had. "Always a delightful surprise", indeed. I tell you, if there's one place I don't want a surprise, delightful or otherwise, it's the toilet...

After Rosie came out of surgery, they gave her this collar to wear so she wouldn't lick her stitches; in Japanese it's called an 'Elizabeth collar' [cool] or an 'Animal Necker' [uncool]. Of course I had to try it on too, being the big 'ol dork that I am. What do you think? Goes rather stylishly with my blue turtleneck and white hat look, no?

Goog Afternooner!

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