12 March 2009

The Face!

We finally got a good ultrasound pic of Rintarou facing outwards! Enjoy!

Can you see the face? Here, look again:

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08 March 2009

It's (really) a boy!

We went to the ob/gyn again today and we got 100% kintama confirmation. I actually saw the balls my self today so it's official.
Also; last time we went we were told that the baby was upside-down and I'd have to sleep on my right side to encourage him to turn over. Well so I did for 3 weeks, and he turned over! Yeah! I was worried I might have to have a C-section, but the doctor said that most babies will right themselves before 30 weeks and it's only after that you have to begin worrying.

A bit of bad news is that we'll have to change docs again. I'm sure the next doc will be great too, but I've really come to like Dr. Fujioka as she has a really good sense of humor and really makes the visits enjoyable. I think bedside manner is really important in an ob/gyn. (To tell the truth I also felt very comfortable with her because she was also a jolly, chubby lady like me)

More later... I have a bunch of pics I've been meaning to upload, maybe I'll get to them on my day off tomorrow!

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