29 October 2005

At Last!

Finally! For a while I wasn't able to add any pictures, but it seems like I can again now. So I should have the 'Elizabeth and Mary review up for eveyone tomorrow, as I'm too tired to finish writing it tonight.

Goog Niter

P.S. I think the not-being-able-to add-pictures thing may be due to the fact that I've gone over my quota of image space or something (I'm just guessing here, because after I deleted a few old images I was able to start posting again), so I'm gonna start erasing the images that go with the old posts and just leaving text.

P.P.S Apparently this wasn't the case at all, must have just been some kind of weird hitch in the server or something, and I've gone back and replaced all the pictures that I had previously deleted.

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26 October 2005

Day Off: Part Two

I just got back from having dinner in Osaka. I've been going to Kobe a lot lately but I haven't been to Osaka at all, so it was nice to see the city again and I'm proud to say I somehow managed to elude the Siren song of Kinokuniya.

Also the long train ride to and from gave me ample reading time so I've almost finished 'Elizabeth and Mary'. I have to admit I really enjoy long train rides for exactly that reason. In fact, I've been known to take the local rather than the express just to have more time to sit and enjoy the feeling of have a nice long relaxing read on the train.

So hopefully I will finish 'Elizabeth and Mary' tonight and have a review up by either tomorrow or Thursday.

Goog Niter!

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25 October 2005

Day Off

So, today was my day off and I spent the day running errands, paying bills etc. Very relaxing. Then Erica and I went to the Kippy Mall and did some shopping and had some lunch. The Italian restaurant on the 5th floor (4th?) is pretty good and they had a really yummy 4 cheese and sweet potato pizza. (If that sounds weird to you, you haven't spent enough time in Japan, because as everyone loves to remark, bizarre pizza toppings are one of the hallmarks of traditional Japanese culture.) On the way home we saw some beautiful goldenrod (I think) flowers growing in an abandoned lot, so I had to take a picture, which I'm now using for the wallpaper on my mobile!

Now I'm off to Osaka for dinner with a friend.

Goog Afternooner!

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Good News and Bad News

The good news is that it's finally getting to be a bit chilly. In fact recently it's gotten QUITE chilly, QUITE amazingly quickly. The bad news is that I seem to be coming down with a cold. I guess it's better to get one on the weekend so I don't have to miss work, but still I hope it's not a bad one. I've been relatively cold-free since I quit smoking in January but... knock on wood.

Wow, what a terribly exciting post! Well waddaya want? I said I'm coming down with a cold, didn't I?

Goog Niter!