29 July 2006

Life in These Here United States: Week 1

The first week at home I just spent mainly lounging around by the pool, swimming and playing with the kids, with a bit of shopping and eating Pizza thrown in. I went to Borders and got a huge stack of books, and to Old Navy for tons of clothes, and to the Godiva shop for c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e. I also went out for Mexican at this great restaurant near my house where they have a live Mariachi band, and awesome virgin daiquiris. I always wonder why Mexican food hasn't caught on in Japan; in my opinion it's one of the great world cuisines. I also ate a ton of Taco Bell besides the real Mexican food too...

And that pretty much sums up week 1.

More later, Goog Morninger!

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27 July 2006

I don't wanna go back to work...

I had 3 wonderful weeks of lounging about, sightseeing, and eating 'delicious foods', I don't wanna have to return to the real world of working . Boo-hoo! Oh, well it was fun while it lasted and I got to hang out a ton with my two super-cute nieces (see above: Charlie and below: Claire,) so that's that, I guess.

More updates later (including some real papparazzi pics of Vinny D. taken by my Dad) but right now I'm too jet-lagged to write any more.

Goog Niter