01 July 2006

Get Ready to Par-taaaaaay!

Tonight is Okaba / Sanda's giant huge-a-rama party for Ailish, Chika and Erica's birthday's plus the going away party for Geoff A, and the welcoming party for Geoff B. We're all going to Ju-ju Kalbi in the Okaba shopping center and eating yakiniku (well I won't be but...) chijimi and bibimba until we explode. YEAH!

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    30 June 2006

    No, Miss Larson, I expect you to die....

    Um, so today I took the advice of one of my students and tried the kickboxing class at the Konami Gym.

    Woo hoo!

    It was a work-out and a half, let me tell you, especially for the newly fitness-conscious such as myself. We did all kind of kicks and punches and hopped around a lot to bad techno music and Cher remixes. The instructor was really cool though and he was kind enough to stop each set for a cooling-down and toweling off break right before I thought I was going to die from an exploded heart, so that was good. It was pretty hard, but fun!

    (P.S. Is it morally wrong of me to actually like techno remixes of Cher? I feel that it must be...)

    (P.P.S. Before you say anything, yes, I know that I suck at photoshop...)

    Goog Niter

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    28 June 2006

    Turkish Food is Yummy

    Tonight I met up with a friend on the spur of the moment and we went out to dinner at this tiny little Turkish place in Kobe called Murat. It was delicious. We had some thick and spicy lentil soup with freshly-squeezed lemon juice for starters and an appetizer platter with 7 different kinds of snacks, including Turkish feta, hummus, stuffed grape leaves and some really amazing cream cheese. Then we had some buttery rice and crisp sesame bread with a strange kind of tomato and egg dish that was wonderful. We finished everything off with a small bowl of gooey Turkish ice cream which was ever so slightly pistachio flavored.

    Aren't you jealous?


    27 June 2006

    For Tristan

    Here is Crouch, in all his Crouchly glory.

    He certainly is a tall mf, and he kinda looks like a praying mantis.

    Anyway I hope Ingurando wins so we can all bask in the wonder of his robot dace.

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    25 June 2006

    For Luke

    This is for Luke: Kawaguchi, otherwise known as Goaliemoto, the only saving grace of the Japanese soccer team.

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