16 December 2006

Party Hearty!

Last week was the going-away party for Iain (former AT of Sanda who's gone on to bigger things.) We all went to Furano and stuffed ourselves full of sashimi, fondued vegetables, pizza and of course cheese-potato-mochi, otherwise known as 'instant heart-attack'. Moving speeches were made and much silliness occured. We all said good-bye to Iain (We'll miss you buddy! Good Luck at NMKG!), but I'm sure he'll be back for future Sanda bashes!
After Furano we headed on down to the new Karaoke place (which seems to be the same as the old karaoke place except with more monkeys) to sing our hearts out. A good deal of imbibing of 'delicious drinks' was done by various members of the party, and things got a little wild. Here's an actual photo of two of the revelers at the after-party Karaoke bash.

Goog Morninger!

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14 December 2006

'Tis the Season to Cough and Sneeze

Yucky! I have a cold. I spent my whole weekend holed up in the Den of Coolness , coughing, blowing my nose, sleeping and drinking ridiculous quantities of orange juice, instead of going on a 'Hot Date'™ as I had planned. Fortunately or unfortunately, Jun also had a cold, so the 'Hot Date'™ has been postponed 'til next Wednesday.
I feel mostly recovered now, but just in case I bought the industrial size jug 'o' cough drops from the conbini. (I love the conbini.)

Goog afternooner