18 July 2008

Happy Birthday Alex!

Yesterday was Alex's 18th Birthday. Happy birthday Alex!!!!

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14 July 2008

Welcome Alex! + New LS

We are happy to welcome the newest member of the Kanou clan: Alex Morgus. Alex is student from Seattle Washington and he is staying here at the Kanou homestead for 2 weeks. He arrived last Sunday and we've been very busy going around and doing all sorts of fun things! We've been to the arcade, gone bowling, had a BBQ and gone to Universal Studios Japan (where we took the shark pic above) and today we're going to go to my favorite spot, the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyuukan!

Alex is a good kid; smart, friendly, speaks excellent Japanese, and shares my love of Crayon Shin-Chan. He's quite funny too as you can see from these purikura we took together the first day he arrived.


The Japanese says "a once in a lifetime chance"...

SBA in the Hooooooouse!

Also please be sure to check out Let's Signing, as I've put up the first post in forever!
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