30 July 2008

Only 10 days left!

I'll be back in the States in only 10 days so anyone who has any last minute requests please make them here!
Also, Mom I know you want toothpaste, but what flavor would you like?

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    28 July 2008

    Happy Birthday Shiho + Congrats Hakuho

    Yesterday we had a mini-birthday party for my friend Shiho at the house. We ate some really wonderful cake, chatted about various things and watched the last day of the sumo on NHK. Shiho and I are both big sumo fans and we cheered for our favorite wrestler in each match. We all had a great time, and we were happy to see that Hakuho won his final match, earning himself a flawless 15-0 record and his first tournament victory in Nagoya!

    So: Happy Birthday to my good friend Shiho and Congratulations to Hakuho!

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