30 May 2009

Mother X2

As of today I'm officially finished with work, and ready to start my biggest job ever: giving birth! The countdown is currently at 11 days, but Rintarou may very well be late or early. I just hope he holds off until my Mom gets here. She is due to touch down at Kankuu on the 4th, and boy am I excited! I hope she'll love Sanda just as much as I do.

This pic is kinda weird, but it's the only one of my Mom I could find....

25 May 2009

Congratulations, Harumafuji!

Congratulations to Harumafuji (previously known as Ama) on his first ever tournament victory!

Yesterday was an exciting day in Sumo as Ozeki Harumafuji took down Yokozuna Hakuho to win his first tournament victory. I've been a fan of Harumafuji since his days as Ama (the cheap horse) and he just keeps getting better and better. He's always been a scrappy, hang-on-and-fight-to-the-bitter-end type, but these days he seems to have really gained some sumo know-how as well as bulking up his frame. I hope we can continue to expect good things of him!

P.S. My mom will be here in only 10 days, and Rintarou shortly after that!