31 August 2006

Isn't he just so *CUTE*!

I don't remember where exactly I found this, but it's been sitting around on my desktop for a while, so I thought I'd share it with you guys and brighten your days a bit. Isn't this just the cutest thing you've ever seen?

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29 August 2006

Pachelbel Rocks!

Just saw this video on youtube and thought I'd share it with you guys. It's a kid playing a rock version of Pachelbel's 'Canon' and it's pretty frickin' sweet!

  • Pachelbel Rocks! Video
  • and
  • More info about Pachelbel's Canon

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    28 August 2006

    猪 (Inoshishi) !

    So, I went out for a drive the other night up in the mountains in Kobe and on the way back down the mountain, I encounterd an inoshisi or wild boar. Apparently they're quite common in the Shin-Kobe area and they often come down from the mountains looking for food, especially on trash day. I had seen a baby one once before (again on a drive in the mountains), but never an adult. It was pretty big and didn't seem to be afraid of humans at all. I wanted to take a picture, but it was too dark for my poor camera phone. This image I've lifted from Google should give you the basic idea, though.

    When I told this story to the students in VOICE, they all agreed that it was quite common and one of the students volunteered a story about a time when she had seen 3 station employees trying to catch a wild monkey with a net at Shintetsu Dojo. I wish I could've been there; I probably would've died laughhing.

    Goog Morninger!

    Addendum: I went back again yesterday and we saw another one! This time it was a little teeny baby one that was followed by its Mom. I was on foot rather than in a car this time too, so I was a just a little bit freaked out, but apparently these boars have 'You don't mess with me and I won't mess with you' policy, so it was cool.

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