05 August 2006

Pineapple Pop Quiz!

So, I have just returned from the lovely tropical islands of Okinawa where I went swimming, snorkeling, sightseeing and ate many delicious foods. I also visited Nago Pineapple Park and Winery and saw how pineapples are grown, and that's today's pop quiz.

Do pineapples grow:

a) hanging from a tree like an apple?
b) on a vine on the ground like a pumpkin?
c) in the ground with only the leaves sticking out like a carrot?
d) on a stem like a flower?

No fair googling it! Just go with your gut feeling.

Goog Morninger!

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04 August 2006

Laser Tag

The second week was full of activity, starting with... TA DA: Laser Tag! If you've never played laser tag, you should! It's wicked cool. Basically there's this big dark room filled with little walls and fences and things you can hide behind stuck all over with glo-tape, two teams go inside wearing the above vests and guns and try to shoot each other while avoiding being shot themselves. It's very exciting, because it's quite dark and hard to see and there's loud music going so you never know when someone's gonna sneak up on you and shoot you in the back.

My little sister (she's still in highschool) actually works part-time at the laser-tag place so she got us a discount and my whole family went in and played. On my team were me, my mom and my two sisters and on the other team was my dad, his girlfriend, my sister's husband Frank and Frank's sister Angela. Unfortunately I learned that while laser tag is fun, I totally suck at it. My dad's team creamed us 3 times out of 4. Not next time though! I'm ready for a revenge match next time I go back to the States.

Goog morninger!

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