23 March 2006

Shock! Horror!

Yesterday the Man from Mongolia was taken down by Hakuho (he's gonna need his own nickname pretty soon...) leaving the younger Mongolian in sole possesion of the field. Today Asa's going up against Kaiou and Hakuho's taking on Tochiazuma (whose Yokozuna dreams have been pretty well squashed by now), but I can't see either of them losing. I do hope we get to see a final showdown on Senshuuraku!!! (Remember Asa's sudden death showdown with Hokutouriki a while back? Exciting stuff!)

In other news, there seems to have been talk of Kaiou retiring if he doesn't manage to post a winning record this tourney. I think it's apparent to everyone he's no longer at his best, but he's a great wrestler, and from all accounts a great guy as well, and will be truly missed.

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21 March 2006

Deux Gays Dans La Jungle

So today was my second to last day of French class and we did the lesson on telling a story. My teacher asked me to create a story, so I decided to tell a kind of Indy Jones-ish tale of a husband and wife team of adventurers searching for a lost Incan temple containing precious golden artifacts.

I forgot the word for wife and I started the story "A man and his husband set off into the jungle". My prof thought this was funny, so we decided to go with it, and thus was born:

"Deux Gays Dans La Jungle".


Once upon a time there were two gay French adventurers named Pierre and Marc. They had heard rumors of an ancient golden treasure hidden in the Incan city of Machu Picchu. Being the intrepid adventurers that they were, they set off for South America to try to find the treasure and lay claim to it.

They began their journey down the Amazon to gather additional information from the tribes living deep in the jungle, but alas their boat was set upon by piranhas and they only barely managed to escape with their lives, and indeed Marc lost a foot to the savage fishes! Luckily some tribespeople happened to witness the attack and offered to help Marc and Pierre in exchange for some of the medicines they carried in their knapsacks (which luckily had not washed away with the rest of the boat).

Pierre and Marc stayed with the tribespeople for several months while Marc learned to walk again on the wooden leg they had crafted for him. Soon enough it was time to resume their journey and they set off again, now accompanied by a young village lad named Y.

They journeyed for another few months all the while gathering new information on the whereabouts of the golden treasure. They heard from many of the people of the local villages that the golden treasure was cursed and that to touch it spelled certain death. However, again being intrepid adventurers, they paid no heed to the warnings and continued their quest.

After some time they arrived at the foot of the mountains where the ancient city was supposed to lay and began to climb. As they camped for the night on a terrace they heard strange cries, but searching the area revealed nothing, so they continued on as normal the next day. However, the eldritch cries which they had heard trailed them for that day and the all of the next until they suddenly found themselves in a clearing where stood the temple which was obviously the goal of their quest.

Entering the temple they found no signs of treasure, but the strange cries seemed to grow louder. Pierre, Marc and Y ventured further into the temple, chilled, though undaunted by the cries which seemed to dog their steps. Finally they entered into the inner sanctum of the temple and gazed upon a treasure trove beyond their wildest imaginings.

Y reached out a hand to touch a large golden ball and as he touched it a strange and ghostly voice suddenly began to stream forth from his mouth. 'I am the spirit of the ball' it said. 'You have released me from my imprisonment, and for that I thank you!'

The voice continued: 'Before you came I had been trapped inside that ball for centuries and my existence had become quite tedious. I was a great warrior and adventurer in life and I long to sally forth again into the wide world! Please allow me to accompany you on your quest!' Marc, Pierre and Y, not being ones to turn down such a strange and exciting offer, quickly agreed to join forces with the spirit of the bowl and thus a beautiful friendship was born....

(First in a series... Look out for the sequels "Deux Gays Dans Le Désert" and "Deux Gays Dans Les Montagnes". )

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20 March 2006

This One's For Erica : Death Note Vol. 2

So, I just finished reading all the currently available volumes of the 'Death Note' series, and I have to say although it certainly stretches credibility a tad, (Can you say suspension of disbelief? Good, now you'd better say it a lot....), it's quite a page-turner; so much so that I've been neglecting my other books in my hurry to finish all ten volumes.

Anyway the basic story is this: a high school kid (Yagami Raito) finds a magical notebook dropped by a Death God (whose name is in fact not Luke as I previously thought, but Ryuk...whichever, it's pronounced the same in Japanese) which allows the user to kill anyone they want by writing that person's name in it. He uses the notebook to take out murderers, rapists and other criminals, but soon the police catch on to the fact that someone is killing all these criminals and start searching for him with the help of the famous detective 'L'. It's pretty far-fetched as Raito keeps using new tactics to evade 'L', but suspenseful and definitely worth a read if you can get your hands on an English copy (currently on volume 4).

The funny thing is though, there's already a big English fandom, with, you guessed it : *SLASH*...

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