26 August 2008

New Post on Bibliomania: World War Z

I wrote my first review on Bibliomania in over a year, so go and check it out!
  • World War Z: Check it out!

    Also don't miss the post under this one; you can see our new tattoo!


  • 25 August 2008

    Back to Japan + New Ink

    I arrived safely back home this morning at about 11:15 am. I was totally jet-lagged, but after some sushi and a long nap I'm back in top fighting-trim!

    Here are some pictures of Shoichi's new tattoo. I got the same one done on my lower right leg.

    This is Shoichi before the tattoo.

    This is Shoichi during a break in the tattooing.

    This is the artist, Ed, working on Shoichi.

    Shoichi said it hurt a lot.

    Ta-da!!! The finished product.

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