16 June 2009

A Star is Born!

加納麟太朗 (Rinatarou Karl Kanou) was born this morning June 16th at 7:16 am! He weighed 3175 g and was 49 cm long. He is also the handsomest baby you have ever seen, (although I may be slightly biased.)

Beautiful eyes...

Cute little toesies...

and a great big yawn.

Posing with Mom!

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15 June 2009

At the hospital

Sho-chan, Mom and I are all at the hospital now, biding our time. The contractions have started coming fast and furious, and I've decided to stay for the night, rather than go back home and have to come again in the middle of the night. (I just had a contraction while writing this blog entry in fact and had to stand up and waddle around like a penguin, breathing out my mouth. Foo..Foo... fooooooo.)

The hopsital staff are really great and they encouraged us to go out and have something to eat while it was still possible, which we did. We headed down to the sushi-go-round for some pre-celebration sushi, stuffed ourselves and came back. I think we must've slightly freaked out the other patrons though, since I had to keep grabbing Sh-chan's arm and squeezing it and grimacing. (I saved the penguin dance for inside the hospital at least!)

This will probably be the last pre-birth update, so wish me luck!

Goog Niter!!!

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Let's get this show on the road!

Well, signs seem hopeful that Rintarou will make an appearance in the next 2 or 3 days. (...TMI WARNING...) I lost my mucous plug (...TMI WARNING...) and I've started to have some mild, irregular contractions. At least I think they're contractions, but I've never really done this whole giving birth thing before so....

Anyway wish me luck and in a few days there should be a picture of the newest Kanou up here!