07 May 2008

Tokyo Love Story

Shoichi and I went to Tokyo for Golden Week and we had a great time! Here are some pictures.

We went by Shinkansen and passed Mt. Fuji, but unfortunately it was very cloudy, so you can't really tell. I promise you, that really is Mt. Fuji though, cross my heart and hope to die.

Once we arrived in Tokyo we met up with my friend Shin-chan from Morioka and his wife Chiemi, who had recently moved to the city. We also met my friend Sachiko (who my family may remember from when she came to stay for Christams once) and her new husband Kenji, but alas I neglected to take their photos.

We went out for dinner and then to Karaoke. Shin-chan always sings very passionately.

The next day we went to Harajuku, which is home to Goth and Goth-Loli teens, but there weren't as many as I'd hoped. I did get this one picture, and the girl was very amused by my Doraemon.

After Harajuku we went to Akihabara, also known as Akiba: Nerd-central of Japan. The first thing we saw was this cat, who was kind of a mini-celebrity.

Harajuku is famous for its maid-cafes where girls dressed as maids pour coffee for you. Maids really do come in all shapes and sizes...

There are also lots of general weirdos and cosplayers, such as this young gentelman.

I think he ate the original Pikachu...

On the last day we went to Asakusa which is famous for Soba noodles and Monjayaki. I thought this tadpole building was too cute to pass up.

This is the famous Kaminarimon or Thunder-gate of Sensouji temple in Asakusa. Since it was Golden Week it was packed!

And here's Sho-chan in front of the gate as well.

We had a great time in Tokyo and hopefully we'll get another chance to go again soon.

Goog Afternooner!

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