17 June 2006

It's Tofu-licious

Tonight we're having French Night 2 at the Tofu restaurant 'Mame no Hatake'. They have every single kind of tofu you can imagine as well as many that you probably can't. They also have Ume-juice which is the best juice I've ever had in my life. Yee-Ha!

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14 June 2006

Nippon Cha Cha Cha!

So, we lost our first match, but I'm still hanging on to a tiny shread of hope that we might beat Croatia, although it seems pretty unlikely. I'll be supporting Japan to the bitter end though, with this lovely flag given to me by one of our students. The best part about this flag is that you can still smell the crayon on it! Hells yeah!
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13 June 2006

Soccer, Football, Fußball , Sakkaa

Whatever you want to call it, it would seem that hell has frozen over, since I'm blogging about the World Cup! Yes, that's right, due to the influence of all the Brits and Aussies around I to have caught World Cup fever and am watching the games semi-religiously, and shouting "Offsides!" a lot.
I've decided my favorite guy so far is Horacio Elizondo, the ref from Argentina. He's seriously hot in a distinguished yet still sexy kind of a way. Go Horacio!
In other World Cup news, we (Japan) got our asses handed to us on a platter by the Aussies who miraculously scored 3 goals in the last ten minutes after being down by one for practically the whole game! WTF? Better luck next time Japan! (Probably not though, since we have to go up against Brazil and Croatia)

P.S. A big shout-out to my man Peter Crouch! (That's just for you Erica!)

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