01 March 2006

Bad Comic

So, John has started a new blog with various comics about Japan, and I contributed a lil' summin' summin''. It's not very funny, but hey, it's my first try so cut me some slack!

-Goog Niter

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28 February 2006

La Langue Française

I think I must be crazy! Today is my day off and I booked 8 (count'em eight) lessons of French and Spanish on the TV-phone today...

PS- Update: I actually booked ten! Seven French (including two challenge lessons) and three Spanish, and by the end of the day my brains had turned to complete mush. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment. And, for the first time I encountered another gai-jin in my lesson. Whenever I have a lesson the Japanese students are always very surprised to have a gai-jin in the lesson with them but this time there were two of us! The other gai-jin was a very nice English girl named Anna who was also very surprised.

C'est la vie!

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27 February 2006

Mah Jong!

Yesterday's Mah Jong Topic Voice was a big success! We got 8 people, which has gotta be some kinda record for Okaba. Everybody really got into the topic and they were talking to each other and giving each other advice on how to play in English!!!

And then last night I played Mah Jong with Non-chan and Ten-cho and this kid called Ogawa and I won ¥3800! Yee-ha!

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