15 May 2009

New Juice Report

Japan is a great country for beverage lovers; it seems like every day there's a new kind of juice or soda on the market. Today's spotlight is "Zooce: the juice that's like a zoo." I love the packaging, but I'm not sure I want to imagine what a zoo tastes like. Especially not the elephant cage...

Luckily it just tastes like some kind of random carbonated fruit, (maybe pineapple?) with an aftertaste reminiscent of Flintstones chewable vitamins. Goog niter!


10 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mom, Elaine, Julie- Happy Mother's Day to all of you! I feel really blessed that I have three great ladies like you in my life!

And Happy Mother's Day to all the other mothers out there too! Kate, Ann, Grandma etc!