22 August 2007

We Tied the Knot!

As of 11:30 on August 20th 2007 Shoichi and I are officially married! Yeah!

We went down to the Sanda City Hall and filled out all the various documents, had them signed by two witnesses (Thanks, Tristan and Luke, You guys rock!) and we are now legally married. I still have to go to the American Consulate to get my name officially changed on my passport, but from now on I'm Kano Becki!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy I'd be dancing a jig if it wasn't for this darn broken toe!

Goog morninger!

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20 August 2007

Just call me Ol' Broken-toe

So, I just got back from my visit to the States the day before yesterday (Thanks everyone, I miss you already!) and things were going great! I had my first lesson, distributed some o-miyage and had dinner with Sho-chan's family. Then I did a very stupid thing.

I'm sure everyone has experienced this; you wake up in the middle of the night and you have to pee, you take a step out of bed and your leg collapses because you were lying on it funny and it went numb. You probably haven't experienced this though; you try to stand up but your foot is too numb to feel, so you put it down exactly wrong and break your pointer-toe!

Exhibit A

Go me! This is probably the stupidest way to break a bone ever.

At first I didn't even realize it, I just went to the bathroom and then went to get back into bad, but I when I walked I noticed my foot was hurting like hell, so I turned on the light to have a look at it. Sure enough, my pointer toe was bent at a crazy angle (see exhibit A) and hurt like a bastard when I tried to move it. I've never broken a bone before, but still I was pretty sure that's what I'd just done.

Luckily Sho-chan was there and drove me to the hospital even though it was 4:30 in the morning. They took some x-rays and all of the nurses and the doctor were very nice. They even let me take a picture (exhibit B) of the x-rays so I could put it up on this blog! (One of the nurses asked me if she could have the blog address to see what I wrote, so if she's reading this, I'd like to say: 「三田市民病院救急室の皆さん、ありがとうございます!」)

Exhibit B

As you can see, I busted the 3rd bone in my right pointer toe, right at the joint. I just looked it up online (and you can too: http://www.bcfootandankle.com/footanat.htm) and apparently this bone is called the 'Second Proximal Phalange'. Anyway, they took the x-rays and then the doctor told me he could probably realign it by hand, so they gave me two shots of local anaesthetic and the doctor pulled and poked and prodded the Second Proximal Phalange piece back into place. Then they took another x-ray (exhibit C) to see how it looked (The Japanese at the top BTW means 'after repositioning'.)

Exhibit C

As you can see it turned out pretty OK, so they decided I didn't need surgery, gave me some pain-killers and sent me home.

Exhibit D

Sayonara and Goog Morninger

This is Ol' Broken-toe signing off!

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