23 September 2006

For Mom

My Mom wanted to know why I hate Rohou so much so here is a pic and the text of an article about his shenanigans from the Kyodo news service.

"(Kyodo) _ Russian rank-and-filer Roho was suspended Sunday after losing his temper and attacking two photographers the previous day at the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament, the Japan Sumo Association said.
Roho, a No. 3 maegashira, will miss three days of the competition from the eighth day of action for smacking a Mainichi Shimbun photographer, leaving him with a bruise on his face requiring minor treatment. He also hit a Chunichi Shimbun photographer in the face but the photographer was not hurt.

The JSA also said Roho's stable elder Otake will receive a 10 percent pay cut for three months for his charge's outburst. It is the first time a wrestler has been suspended for such behavior.

Roho, 26, was shoved into the ringside seats by ozeki Chiyotaikai in a defeat in the penultimate bout Saturday at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium.

Both wrestlers exchanged words and glared at each other after the match was over.

Still heated, Roho smashed a bathroom glass window on his way back to the dressing room and after receiving a reprimand from the JSA judging committee, proceeded to attack the photographers who were trying to take his photo.

"Violence toward field reporters is truly shameful and unforgivable for a sportsman," the Mainichi Shimbun said in a statement.

Exactly what triggered the exchange is unclear but both Roho and Chiyotaikai received warnings from JSA Chairman Kitanoumi. The Russian wrestler later said that Chiyotaikai made a derogatory comment after the bout that set him off.

Roho will forfeit his bout against ozeki Tochiazuma Sunday and have two rest days."

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22 September 2006

Makunouchi Line-up

I did one of these last year, but there've been some changes to the roster, so I'm gonna do another (shorter) one this year just so anyone who's reading can follow along.

Here's the format:

Name in romaji (Name in kanji) : Literal meaning of kanji, My nickname (if any)

NB: All nicknames, even seemingly disparaging ones, are meant with love. Except for Rohou; He's a bastard.

So without further ado, here is the Makunouchi Roster (in order of rank)

Asashouryuu (朝青龍): lit. 'The Blue Dragon of the Morning' : The Man from Mongolia, The Man, Asa

Hakuhou (白鵬): lit. 'The White Phoenix' : The Man from Mongolia Mark 2

Chiyotaiki (千代大海) lit. 'The Ocean of a Thousand Generations' : E. Honda

Kaiou (魁皇) lit. 'Charging Ahead Emperor' : A Heckuva Guy

Kotoushuu (琴欧州) : lit. 'The Zither of a European State' : The Bulgarian Bruiser, Sumo's David Beckham

Tochiazuma (栃東) : lit. 'Eastern Horse Chestnut' : Daisuke

Kotomitsuki (琴光喜) : lit. 'The Zither of Light and Joy' : Babyface, The Giant-killer

Miyabiyama (雅山) : lit. 'Mountain of Elegance' : The Old Man of the Mountain

Kisenosato (稀勢の里) : lit. 'A Village of Rare Strength' : Japan's New Hope, Babyface 2

Kokkai (黒海) : lit. 'The Black Sea' : The Gurugian Grappler, The Unshaven One

Baruto (把瑠都) : lit. 'Baltic' : Balto, Blondie

Rohou (露鵬) : lit. 'The Russian Phoenix' : The Ugly One, The Russian Rumbler, That Bastard, The Mad Russian

Tamanoshima (玉乃島) : lit. 'Jewel Island' : Weird Boobs Guy

Tokitenku (時天空) : lit. 'Time Sky' : The Loneliest Mongolian

Dejima (出島) : lit. 'Going Forth Island' : Digimon, Fishbelly

Aminishiki (安美錦) : lit. 'Peaceful Beautiful Brocade' : No Nickname

Tamakasuga (玉春日) : lit. 'Jeweled Spring Day' : No Nickname

Kyokutenhou (旭天鵬) : lit. 'Phoenix of the Rising Sun in the Sky' : No Nickname

Tochinonada (栃乃洋) : lit. 'Horse Chestnut Ocean' : Gorilla, The Smart One

Iwakiyama (岩木山) : lit. 'Rock Tree Mountain' : No Nose, The Best Ass in Makunouchi

Ama (安馬) : lit. 'Cheap Horse' : Cheap Horse, Scrappy

Toyonoshima (豊ノ島) : lit. 'Island of Riches' : No Nickname

Futenou (普天王) : lit. 'Normal King of the Sky' : The Blogger

Kotoshougiku (琴奨菊) : lit. 'Zither Encouraging Chrysanthemum' : Japan's New Hope #3

Kyokushuuzan (旭鷲山) : lit. 'Rising Sun Eagle Mountain' : No Nickname

Kakizoe (垣添) : lit. 'Fence Attendant' : The Crybaby

Takamisakari (高見盛) : lit. 'Look High and Prosper' : Robocop, Ole Blind as a Bat

Asasekiryuu (朝赤龍) : lit. 'The Red Dragon of the Morning' : No Nickname

Takekaze (豪風) : lit. 'Powerful Wind' : Barrel-chest

Hakurozan (白露山) : lit. 'White Russian Mountain' : The Bald One, Rohou's Little Brother

Houmashou (豊真将) : lit. 'Rich and True Leader' : My New Boyfriend, The Handsome One, Japan's New Hope #2

Juumonji (十文字) : lit. 'Ten Letters' : No Nickname

Yoshikaze (嘉風) : lit. 'Esteemed Wind' : No Nickname

Tosanoumi (土佐ノ海) : lit. 'Tosa's Ocean' : Tosa Dog ( a kind of Japanese fighting dog from Tosa)

Hokutouriki (北勝力) : lit. 'Northern Victory Power' : Barrel-chest #2

Tochinohana (栃乃花) : lit. 'Horse Chestnut Flower' : Iwate's Hometown Boy

Wakanosato (若の里) : lit. 'Young Village' : The Best Boobs in the Makunouchi (possibly retired)

Houchiyama (寶智山) : lit. 'Rare Intellect Mountain' : No Nickname

Kasuganishiki (春日錦) : lit. 'Spring Day Brocade' : No Nickname

Kasugaou (春日王) : lit. 'Spring Day King' : The Korean Guy

Ryuuhou (琉鵬) : lit. 'Okinawan Phoenix' : No Nickname

Shimotori (霜鳥) : lit. 'Frost Bird' : Fishbelly#2

Goog Niter! And for those of you who made it this far, today's picture is a visual pun featuring the wrestler 'Ama' dressed as an 'ama' or female pearl-diver.


21 September 2006

Poor Balto!

He hurt his left knee yesterday in his match against Miyabiyama (雅山) and is now out of the tournament. I had such high hopes for him too. Well, he's still young and not too fat so he should be back in fighting trim in time for the next tourney.
In other news, Asashouryuu (朝青龍) and Ama (安馬) are leading the pack in Makunouchi so far with 10 wins to 1 loss each. In a far second with 8 wins and 3 losses each are: Chiyotaiki (千代大海), Rohou (露鵬), Aminishiki (安美錦), Futenou (普天王) and Hokutouriki (北勝力). While Houmashou (豊真将), my new favorite, is holding steady with 6 wins and 5 losses.

Good luck next tourney, Balto!

PS: A GIS for Balto (把瑠都) turned up this picture of him kicking Hakurozan's (白露山) butt.