22 October 2007

Another Wedding!

Congratulations Maki and Paul.

Last weekend Shoichi and I attended my friends' Maki and Paul's wedding. It was held at the beautiful Gehinkan reception hall in Senri-chuo in Osaka. (Quite a train ride!) Maki looked lovely in a dress she designed herself and a very 60's ish hair-band with pink flowers. Paul also looked handsome (but a little nervous) in a stylish gray tux. They had a wonderful ceremony in a little chapel on the grounds that was surrounded by beautiful greenery. Then they had a standing buffet reception with fresh sushi and delicious chocolates and Mont Blanc cakes for dessert.

It was great because I got to see my friends Tsukasa, Yamada and Mizuho again, who I hadn't seen in a long time, as well as Maki's sister Mari, and also because I got to introduce Shoichi to everyone. (On a side note, I realized I'd never known Mizuho's last name, but it turned out that she also is named Kanou [with the same kanji], so we went around telling everyone that she and Shoichi were brother and sister!) We all had a great time at the wedding, and then for the after-party we went to a big izakaya (pub) in Senri-chuo called Hokkaido and ate, drank, and were merry. I love after-parties! Speaking of which, Shoichi and I will be having our own one of these days... (maybe)

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