23 November 2006

New Shopping Center

For the past few weeks I've been hearing about this new shopping center from just about every student I've taught, so since I had a little free time on Wednesday I decided I would go and check it out. I have to say it was pretty sweet. They had tons and tons of shops and lots of yummy looking restaurants and (yeah!) a bookstore that had an English book section! (a very small one, but still, better than nothing).

The only thing I didn't like about the mall was the sushi-go-round. The sushi was fine, all standard sushi-go-round mainstays nicley presented with none of that weird meat-ball sushi or what have you that you often find at cheap sushi-go-rounds. But their soy sauce policy sucks! They don't have soy sauce out on the counters, so every time you want extra soy sauce you have to call over a waitress to come a pour a little splash of it for you. If you're like me and you like a lot of soy sauce to dip your sushi in this can get very old very quickly. And besides I don't want to be though of as the weird foreigner who uses to much soy sauce. I can't be sure but it seemed like some of the Japanese patrons were also a little PO'd by the policiy, so maybe they'll realize how much it sucks and ditch it.

Goog Morninger!

P.S. Last night I went to a hypnotist with a friend. It was pretty neat-o. I'll write more about it later so stay tuned.

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