05 August 2009

Oh, Those Wacky KitKats

What will they think of next?

When we went to the conbini a few days ago we discovered yet another new seasonal variety: Apple Cider Vinegar!?! It was white chocolate with a mild sour/fruity aftertaste. Sho-chan said he preferred it to Lamune, but I disagreed; the Lamune had a special something about it that really endeared it to me.
Then lo and behold we went to the supermarket the day after that and they had Rose KitKats. I have to admit I was rather unimpressed with the rose ones however. They were just plain milk-chocolate with a very faint hint of rose. If you didn't know it was supposed to be rose you might not even notice it. If you're going to go for such a wacky flavor, I think you need to really go all out and this was honestly rather half-hearted.

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