04 July 2008

America Here I Come!

I'll be going back to the States to visit my family for 2 weeks in August. Here's the flight info for your edification.

Depart Osaka : 10th Aug 13:15 CI0157
Arrive Taipei : 10th Aug 15:05

Depart Taipei : 10th Aug 16:15 CI0012
Arrive Anchorage 10th Aug 9:15 (moving back in time)

Depart Anchorage : 10th Aug 11:15 CI0012
Arrive JFK : 10th Aug 22:15


Depart JFK : 22nd Aug 23:45 CI0011
Arrive Anchorage : 23rd Aug 3:05

Depart Anchorage : 23rd Aug 4:35 CI0011
Arrive Taipei 24th Aug 6:05 (jumping forward in time)

Depart Taipei : 24th Aug 8:25 CI0156
Arrive Osaka : 24th Aug 11:15

Yup- I have to stop TWICE, once in Taipei and once in Alaska, I'll see if I can't pick up some polar bear tooth key-rings or frozen moose poop or something at the airport for you guys! See you soon!

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02 July 2008

Don't be too jealous, Erica....


This morning while taking Rosie for a walk in the park I found a beetle. I caught him in a tupperware container, brought him home and now I'm going to the home center to get a beetle raising kit.

S/he doesn't have a name yet, Any suggestions?

PS: We have chosen a name for the beetle: Kobayashi Takeru, in honor of the famous Japanese competitive eating champion.

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