03 October 2008

Halloween Curl: OK, so I lied...

I'm actually going to update again right away. Yesterday Sho-chan and I went to the supermarket and we both saw and immediately had to buy the product pictured above.

It's "Curl", a popular corn snack, kind of like Cheetos. What struck me was the jaunty Halloween package. The usual green and yellow color scheme has been replaced with purple and orange and the package is covered with little ghosts and bats and pumpkins. The Curl mascot frog Kerota (Croaky) is even wearing a witch's hat and riding on a broom.

Now what, you ask, is the special Halloween flavor? Is it pumpkin, or perhaps squash? Maybe caramel apple, or Halloween candy?

Nope. It's curry! To be specific, "Western-style" curry. WTF? The special Halloween flavor is curry? God, I love this country!!!

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02 October 2008

I'm a slacker and a game addict

Ok, so I haven't posted anything on this blog in almost a month because I've gotten completely wrapped up in Star Ocean Second Evolution for the PSP. I originally played this game as Star Ocean Second Story on the PS1, but as I was browsing at the used video-game shop I found quite a cheap copy of the PSP version and I was hooked again.

Sho-chan hates this game,because in between leveling and battles there are quite long stretches of dialogue and interpersonal interaction. He'd prefer to just swat monsters all day with Monster Hunter 2G. Anyway I'll probably be playing a lot more of the game, as I'm only about 1/4 of the way through so far, so updates on this blog may remain scarce.

PS The Japanese in the text box reads: "If it's Ok, maybe I could get you to show me around the village?"