25 November 2008

What a Wonderful Weekend!

This weekend was absolutely great!
1) We went to the hospital to see the latest ultrasound of Baby Kanou and were treated to a very clear view of a teeny-tiny perfectly shaped baby foot! We were also able to see the whole shape very clearly and see the umbilical cord. Super exciting!!

2) My friends Naoko and Shiho came to visit and we had a lovely time eating some truly amazing cake from Saint An and watching the sumo.

3) The last match of the sumo tournament, Ama vs. Hakuho was a fantastic drawn out battle to the bitter end. Hakuho eventually won, gaining him his ninth tournament victory, but Ama showed that he is truly worthy to join the ranks of the Ozeki, and I am looking forward to his promotion in January! Congrats to Ama and Hakuho! (This just in- I read that along with his promotion to Ozeki he'll be gaining a new shikona {sumo name} and it won't include the character 安. The cheap horse is cheap no more!)

4) Sho-chan got a cool new hair cut. Here is posing with the stylist Ippei-san. She was alittle camera-shy.

and here is Sho-chan again. I really like this new cut!

5) Ippei-san mentioned that there was a new Indian restaurant that had opened up near us, so we went to check it out. luckily it was still open and we had dinner there. The food was top-notch, the portions were generous, the price was reasonable and the staff were very friendly and courteous. Absolutely 10 out of 10. We will definitely be going there a lot in the future. If anyone wants to go, it's called Subhi Mahal and it's in the little plaza next to Toridoru down the road from the Minamigaoka 7-11.

6) On Sunday my former co-worker Hisae called up out of the blue, and wanted to meet on Monday. I was thrilled, and so she came to our house for a nice chat with her husband Ma-kun and their cute little baby boy, Souma. He was the sweetest, chubbiest little baby and not at all shy with us. Here he is with Sho-chan.

7) Hana-chan came over to work on the budget and we got everything settled, and in the black!

8)Finally we went to the video store and rented Maiko-haaaan! It's about a man who's obsessed with Geisha and Maiko, and it was totally hilarious and over the top. Abe Sadao is really a wonderful actor. Please watch it if you get the chance!

  • Check out: Saint An's website and be prepared to drool over the succulent and inviting cakes displayed therein.

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