07 January 2007

Ex-citing Expoland

Following the lead of hearty ex-plorers Erica, and Tristan; I too decided to trek out to Expoland and ex-perience it in all it's cheesy theme-park glory. I've always been a sucker for amusement parks, especially ferris wheels and roller-coasters and Expoland did not disappoint. Jun and I went on the Orochi, the Raijin-Fuujin II and the Daidarasaurus, and they were all pretty sweet. We also went on this thing called the Roto-shake where the spin you around and hang you upside-down which was a little stomach-churning but good.

We went to the petting zoo as well, but all the animals were so calm and unperturbed, it seemed likie they were on Valium (as they well might have to be sitting around all day right underneath a roller-coaster full of screaming teens.) The pigs were awfully cute though. This is the point were I curse myself and say "Self! You need stop living in the stone ages and hurry up and buy a digital camera already!", because I don't really have any decent pics of the cute pigs, or the roller-coasters or anything. You'll have to content yourselves with this low-res pic of me and o-musubi-man.

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