31 January 2006

It's the little things...

... in life that make you laugh.
This morning (!?!) I woke up a little before noon to the revelation: "Oh S***! I forgot to put the garbage out." So I quickly tied up the trash bag, threw my coat on over my PJs and ran downstairs hoping to sneak in before the garbage collectors came 'round. Luckily they hadn't come yet so I was safe (Erica, if you're reading I actually got 2 bags worth of unburnables out this week too!). But on my way back upstairs I ran into one of my neighbors, carrying a bulging garbage bag and wearing my exact same 'forgot-to-take-out-the-trash-last-night' uniform of coat, pajama bottoms, slippers, disheveled hair and sheepish grin. We kind of nodded at each other knowingly and laughed.

It was priceless!

More later on the London/Paris Trip. Goog Morninger!