17 October 2008

And in other news...

With all the excitement about the new baby I almost forgot about our other news.

For ages and ages we've been dying to get a new TV since the old one had worn out connector ports making it nigh on impossible to watch videos or play Wii. We had to tape down the cables so they'd stay at the precise correct angle, but if they got joggled even a bit we'd have to do it all over, so we finally just got rid of our ghetto-ass TV and got the lovely red model you see pictured above. It's also digital-compatible, so when Japan makes the switch to all digital broadcasts in 2011 we'll be ready!

We picked up an el-cheapo DVD player to go along with it since season 2 of Heroes is now at the video stores in Japan. (Don't even get me started about the British samurai dude's Japanese; it's rubbish). But Hiro is as cute as ever and I'm happy to see Sylar didn't really croak, he's such a fun villain. Also, did anyone else notice that Bob is Ned the insurance salesman from Groundhog Day? Probably not, but I recognized his voice right away. For some reason Groundhog Day is one of my favorite movies ever!

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13 October 2008

What's in a Name?

So, now that we know a baby's on the way it's time to start thinking about names. We're already set for boy's names. If Baby Kanou is a boy he'll be known as 加納正宗. (That's Masamune Kanou to all you non-kanjified people out there). But if it's a girl, the name is still up for grabs. Right know Leina (礼菜) and Junna (純奈) are at the top of the list, but we'd love to hear suggestions from anybody out there!


12 October 2008

It's a bird...It's a plane... It's a BABY!!!!

Just in case anyone hasn't heard the news; we are having a baby!!!

My period was a few days late this month, so I did the home test and the result was positive. Much jumping for joy and dancing around ensued!

We wanted to be sure though, so the next day we went to the doctor and had it checked out. It turns out we were correct and I got the first ultrasound picture of Kanou Baby #1. The baby is the little tiny black spot in the center of the white blob. The doctor said that it was about the size of a sesame grain.

Because my current gynecologist doesn't do deliveries we checked around with students and friends to see what hopital they recommended. Just about everyone said that Kobe Adventist Hospital was good, with friendly doctors and nurses and the added bonus that all the food in the hospital is vegetarian. The picture below was taken today. In only 4 days the baby has already grown from 3mm to 8.7mm! We scheduled our next visit for two weeks from Monday so I should have another pic up then.

I can't believe our luck! This was only our first try after going off the pill and we got lucky right away!