15 September 2007

Schlegel's Japanese Gecko

Recently our house has been over-run by these little suckers. I've seen them on the veranda, behind the cabinets, in the plants, and most recently climbing up the kitchen wall. I don't really mind though, since they're kinda cute and they eat the bugs. In fact in Japan they're called 家守 or 守宮 (both pronounced 'yamori') which means 'protector of the house' and are thought to be protective spirits watching over the home.

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13 September 2007

The Name's Kanou; Becki Kanou

As of yesterday I am officially Rebecca Dorothy Kanou. I applied for my new passport about 2 weeks ago and it came in the mail yesterday; I am so, so, so, so, exciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiited!

But now comes the sucky part; I have to go around or call around to basically everywhere and fill out a whole bunch of forms changing my name on my bank cards, cell-phone, gym membership, Alien card, etc. etc. Oh well!

Goog Morninger!

PS I prefer to spell it 'Kanou' with a 'u' but the Japanese Passport Agency prefers it without, so that's how it's spelled on Shouichi's passport ('Kano Shoichi' instead of 'Kanou Shouichi'), and that's how I spelled it on mine, for consistency...

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09 September 2007


As many people may already know, the orginal owner of Yes!, my friend Stephanie, is a dog-breeder and she kindly offered us one of her beautiful Chocolate Labs.

Well, yesterday Miss Rosie came to visit us for a sleepover party! We played together and went for a walk in the park (3 times!) She's super-smart and a real sweetheart and she'll being coming to stay with us for good some time in October. Yeah!

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