11 August 2009

Welcome Tutu and Dulie!

By this time tomorrow Tutu and Dulie should be on the Shinkansen from Tokyo headed to Osaka! I'm so excited!!!

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09 August 2009


About the eyeballs, I was watching a cooking program and they went to a fish market and showed all the different parts of the tuna and how to cook them, and the last one was the eyeball. A tuna's eyeball is really huge, about as big as a baseball, and the chef cooked it in foil, and brought it out for the host to try. She looked a little grossed out, but she soldiered on and ate it. She said it was oily but delicious. I almost barfed just watching it. It's too gross to put up on this blog, so if you want to see what it looked like GIS マグロの目玉 for yourself.

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