14 March 2008

David Gets Funky in Singapore

I saw this fascinating photo on Yahoo Japan's front page today and thought I would share it with you all.

I also thought I'd fool around with Google's machine translator and see if it's gotten any better, and it has...
... a little. Enjoy!

Singapore National Museum in towering giant statue. Indonesia is making people. This work was 8.5 meters in height, embroidered fabric surface is covered with June 8 to be released.

(Needs work, but still better than it used to be. That should actually read:'A giant statue of David towers over the scene at the Singapore National Museum. This artwork, created by Indonesians, is 8.5 meters high and its surface is covered in embroidered fabric. It's open to the public until June 8th.')

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11 March 2008

Kanou Family "My Boom"

Right now Shoichi and I are totally into 'The World of Golden Eggs'.

We happened to see the video playing on the TV at the mall and we were instantly hooked. The animation stlye is really chunky and cute, and the voices and the dialogue are side-splitting.

It's supposed to take place at 'Turkey Hill High School' somewhere in the US; but the dialogue is all in weirdly-accented foreign-sounding Japanese with a few trendy English non sequiturs thrown in. (Kind of the American version of 'Zisu izu ei pen') It's really stupid, but somehow hilarious. If you get a chance, I definitley recommend it; but it seems that there aren't many videos of it on Youtube. (Friends livng in Japan, just ask and I'll lend it to you.)

Goog Nighter!

PS: Looks like I spoke too soon about not being able to find the videos online. Just as I finished typing this I noticed that yahoo japan had a link to the videos on the front page.
  • Golden Eggs, Enjoy!

    /"Why are you wearing a bra?"
    //"It's *NOT* a bra!!!"