05 November 2006

Sumo Starts Next Weekend!

That's right, the November Tournament will begin next Sunday the 12th! Aren't you excited?

Some changes in this basho:
Koto'oushuu has changed his Shikona (sumo name) from 琴欧州 to 琴欧洲. Don't see the difference? Look at the last character, he's had a sanzui (water radical of 3 strokes) added on, but don't worry, it's still pronounced Koto'oushuu.

Two of my favorite wrestelers Ushiomaru (Butterball) and Kitazakura (The Human Salt-Shaker) have moved back up from Juryou to Makunouchi, yeah! I was a little disappointed that my boyfriend Takanowaka didn't get re-promoted as well, seeing as how he took the division title last tourney, but I guess that's why I'm not a member of the Sumo Kyoukai.

Goog Morninger!

P.S. Pictured above is Kitazakura: the Human Salt-Shaker