30 November 2007

Yamamba sighting in Umeda

Last weekend Sho-chan and I went to Osaka for the day and we saw a real live Yamamba in front of Hep-5 in Umeda! I was pretty psyched and I managed to get a decent pic as well, so enjoy.

We planned to visit the aquarium in Tempozan, but we ended up watching a street performance instead and then going to the IMAX theatre at the Suntory Museum. They were both really cool, altough Sho-chan fell asleep in the middle of the IMAX movie. (It was about life in the coral reefs and it was pretty sweet with giant jelly-fish that looked like they were coming right at you when you out on your 3-D glasses.)

We saw this guy at Tempozan too.

He's an 'ame-zaiku' or candy-art maker and he makes all kinds of candies in the shape of different animals or cartoon characters. The ones we saw were Cinamaroll and the Kao-nashi guy from 'Sen to Chihiro' (That's 'Spirited Away' to you folks at home). And he took requests as well, so I got a frog (of course) but I forgot to take a picture of it and when I took it out of my bag after a few hours the fingers and eyes had broken off...

Here is Sho-chan eating the remnants anyway, though.

Also the ame-zaiku guy gave me a ball of the candy stuff so I could try to make my own at home, but I only ended up burning my thumb on it after putting it in the microwave too long....

Oh well....Goog afternooner everyone!
And in case you care:
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