20 May 2006

Who'da thunk it?

This tourney has been the most exciting and also the oddest in recent memory. Currently vying for the cup are Hakuho AKA the Mighty Munkhbat and Miyabiyama at 13-1 each. WTF? Once Asa dropped out I figured Hakuho was a shoo-in. I thought he might get some competition from Koto'oushuu or maybe Chiyotaikai (which he did until recently) but Miyabiyama? True, he is a former Ozeki, but I'll have to admit it came as a bit of a surprise. And let's not forget Balto; he's out of it now with 11-3, but for his first go in makunouchi that's pretty darn impressive.

I can't wait 'til tomorrow's match; it's Hakuho vs. Balto and Miyabiyama vs. Asasekiryuu, with hopefully a sudden death play-off to cap it all. Truth be told I still expect Hakuho to win (take a peep at the above photo from day 12 if you want an example of his talent), but who knows, good old Miyabiyama might just pull an upset out of his arse after all!

Goog Niter!


17 May 2006

Chiyotaikai takes a tumble (Oh wait, did I already say that?)

How the mighty have fallen! Chiyotaikai received yet another humiliating beatdown today at the hands of sekiwake Miyabiyama, who, by the way is now tied for the lead with Our Man from Mongolia, Mark 2, Hakuho. As I said before, this is shaping up to be the most exciting tournament in a good long while.


15 May 2006

Chiyotaikai takes a tumble

The sole wrestler with a perfect record, Chiyotaikai, fell victim to Asasekiryuu yesterday, leaving the field wide open in what looks to be the most hotly contested basho in recent memory. Now sharing first with 7-1 records are Chiyotaikai, Hakuho and Miyabiyama, while a host of wrestlers with 6-2 records are hot on their heels. (Currently at 6-2: Baruto AKA Balto, Hakurozan AKA the Bald Russian, Kyokushuuzan, Kaiou, and the aforementioned Asasekiryuu.)

Goog Morninger and Happy Mothers' Day to Mom, Kate, Elaine, Anne, Julie, and Grandma


14 May 2006

And another one bites the dust...

Following Asashoryuu, Ozeki Tochiazuma has also dropped out of the summer tournament after an injury to his left knee. At this rate we won't have anyone left! Currently in the lead is Chiyotaikai (always a favorite of mine) with a perfect 7-0 record, but Munkhbat the Mighty (AKA Hakuho) is not far behind with 6-1 as is (gasp!) Miyabiyama!

Although I'm almost dead cert Hakuho's gonna take home the Emperor's cup this time, I still think it'd be cool if Chiyotaikai got it just for old time's sake. (For the record the last time he took it home was March 2003, right at the beginning of Asa's reign of terror.)