16 March 2006

Osaka Tournament, Day 4 : 大阪場所四日目

So, the Osaka Tournament is off to a running start with young Mongolian up-and-comer Hakuho and veteran Ozeki Chiyotaikai currently tied with Asashoryuu for the lead. Ozeki Tochiazuma is gunning for his second tournament victory this year as well as promotion to yokozuna, but a surprise upset to Aminishiki on day 2 has dropped him to second place in the rankings already. Let's take a look at some of Wednesdays notable matches:

Ama vs. Futenou: A very very close match. So close in fact that they had to have a re-do, which Ama swiftly won. I think Ama really is one to watch in the coming tournaments; small but scrappy, once he puts on a little more weight there'll be no stopping him.

Hakuho vs. Miyabiyama: Beautifully executed match by Hakuho. He grabbed his man and he powered him out, no hesitation. He's gained 10 kilos this year and has developed an amazing physique. I wouldn't be surprised if we have 2 Mongolian yokozuna a few years from now.

Roho vs. Kotomitsuki: In a word 'Ouch'. Sucks to be Roho. He grabbed ahold of Kotomitsuki, brought him to the edge of the ring and was just about to collect, when: "ISAMI-ASHI !!!" (lit. 'overeagerness'). This means that although Roho had the upper hand and was clearly in charge of the match, he was not awarded the victory because his foot hit the dirt outside the ring before Kotomitsuki's body did. See above.

Chiyotaikai vs. Hokutouriki: Chiyotaiki is back on track. He's Kadoban (in danger of demotion from Ozeki status) again this tournament, but the rate he's going he'll be safe in no time. This match was notable for the intense pre-bout stare-down these rikishis engaged in. Hokutouriki always looks rather dour, but this time Chiyo was matching him glare for glare and you could smell the blood-lust in the air, even through the TV screen.

Kokkai vs. Koto'oushuu: Kokkai is not in his usual fighting trim this match because his father passed away. Our thoughts go out to him.

Asashoryuu vs. Iwakiyama: Do you even need to ask who won? Come on, the Man from Mongolia is taking all comers this tournament and handing out free beatings to all and sundry! Woo-hoo!

Goog Niter!

PS I'm going to the tournament with Luke, Tristan and Silver-san on Saturday! Aren't you all so jealous?


12 March 2006

Who is James 'Luke' Johnson ?

Mild-mannered English conversation teacher?

Dare-devil kickboxer of wolves and bears?

Break-away rap talent?

World chair-spinning champion?

Closet transvestite?

or all of these, and more....